Bear attacks California camper

Bear attacks California camper

A California camper was hospitalized after a bear forced its way into his tent and left him with a laceration on his forehead at a campground near Altadena early Saturday morning, authorities confirmed.

According to a newly released by the Altadena Sheriff’s Station, the bear clawed at the unsuspecting camper at around 2 a.m. at the Millard Campground.

The Altadena Sheriff’s Station added in the statement, “The male did not know he was injured until he felt something dripping on his face. It appears the bear scratched the camper, resulting in a laceration on his forehead … approximately 18 sutures were used to close the wound.”

However, officials underlined that incidents of bear attacks on humans are very rare in the area, with just two such incidents occurring in the last six years.

Two other people at the campground told investigators that they saw a nearly 120-pound bear fleeing the area. The state Department of Fish & Wildlife immediately ordered the Millard Campground to be closed for the next three days while officers attempt to trap the bear.

The department has set up traps to catch the bear that attacked the camper. Trapped bears will be tranquilized and checked for human remains in their claws. If the bear in question is caught, the state Dept. of Fish & Wildlife will euthanize it to ensure public safety.