Bizarre message found near murdered couple bewilders Calif. police

Bizarre message found near murdered couple bewilders Calif. police

The ongoing investigation into the deaths of a married California couple took a twist when investigators found a disturbing and bizarre message at the scene that read, "Sorry, my first kill was clumsy."

Golam Rabbi, 59, and Shamima Rabbi, 57, were found dead at the home on Sunday by their relatives who had not heard from them for the previous many days. Both were found in a pool of blood at the floor in their home.

Their relatives told investigators that Golam was an engineer, Shamima was an accountant. They also told investigators that both were very polite, humble and peaceful people.

The couple lived close to a mosque. Investigators learnt that both were devoted members of the Evergreen Islamic Center, but said they didn't think that the couple was targeted because of their religion.

The couple's sons, ages 17 and 21, were fortunately not at home at the time of the murders. Police interviewed the younger son and underlined that he isn't a suspect in the case. The elder son is yet to be questioned. The bizarre message written on the floor, near the bodies, is now bewildering the investigators.

Investigators said they currently have no information on a suspect or motive. Anyone with information relevant to the murders has been urged to immediately call police.