Branded for life?

I am so tired of labels. Why must we place people into nice neat categories." Look at that black man over there , I bet he is in a gang, lock your doors tonight!" or how about "look at that woman over there , she is dressed pretty sexy. I bet she is easy."

It has gotten so bad that we do not even see the effect that these labels have on society. If you stand up for women values then you must be a feminist , if you think the majority of men are pigs then you must be a lesbian , if you write erotica literature than you must be a tramp, if you have male friends then you must be cheating on your husband.

Let us look at more labels. How about the label lady, how many times have you heard someone say that a lady wouldn’t say that. Well who said I was a lady? How about the label administrator, administrators are supposed to be all business. There client can talk to them in any disrespectful manner that they please and the administrator is never to loose their cool. I admit someday when I receive those nasty emails I just want to tell them right where to go, thank God for delete.

.What about the gender label alone placed on Women? That all women are sex objects. Sorry I have more than breast and ovaries. I also have a brain. I don’t need to be half dressed and sell myself to get the message out there. Then there is the label that we put on men and women of a different race or religion. How many times have you discriminated against the entire country of Iraq because of their leader? What about those who live in Iraq who stand in support of no violence.

How about the label placed on overweight people? That kind of label alone can prevent overweight people from losing weight and result in low self esteem. Warning overweight people about the dangers to their health is one thing but labeling them is another.

How about the label on people who suffer from depression? The kind of label “nutcase” can result in the depressed person not seeking help with their depression as they don’t wish to be labeled crazy or a nutcase.

When did we start labeling everything and every person and force them into categories?

Let us look back to our high school days; we had Goths, punks, jocks, preps, nerds, head bangers, loners, floaters and geeks. I always wanted to be more popular and with the "in crowd" at school, but finally I realized there was no gold at the end of that rainbow. Let us look at some of those labels that we give people in high school. Those labels can stick with you right into adulthood.

Why are we so judgment and quick to label people? How do we stop? If all people are created in “God’s image”, why are we so quick to put down and judge what he has created? Maybe it is time we labeled our feelings towards others and not labeled them. Let us look at it once fat always fat, once a thief always a thiefArticle Search, once alcoholic always an alcoholic.

Let us face it people can change and some of these people don’t deserve these labels at all. When we label people we refuse to put faith in God and in people. It is time that we stop branding people. I encourage all to stop labeling people because as long as we have these labels we will have a judgmental society. We might as well bend over and let them put a large brand right on our behind.

“ A Rose Is a rose is a rose.” Well guess what this Rose has thorns and keep labeling me you’ll see how sweet I am.