Calif.’s ‘condom initiative’ is about harassing workers: Eric Leue argues

Calif.’s ‘condom initiative’ is about harassing workers: Eric Leue argues

California’s upcoming ballot measure that seeks state voters’ approval to pass a law requiring all adult-entertainment workers to use condoms on all adult-film production sets is just to about “harassing” workers, the new executive director of the Free Speech Coalition said.

As the executive director of the Free Speech Coalition, Eric Paul Leue said the coalition’s aimed at protecting and promoting the well-being of the adult-entertainment industry, which is mainly based in areas like San Fernando Valley.

When asked about the state’s controversial ‘condom measure’, Leue said, “Most people look at the state ballot initiative and say this is about worker safety. The problem is it’s not about worker safety. It’s not about sexual health. It is not about protecting people from something. This is completely about harassing workers.”

Leue stressed that the state must stop pushing an industry that is operating legally operating in the state. He argued that harassing workers, irrespective of whether we agree with the job or not, could never be the right thing.

He further added the freedom of expression and the freedom of speech are core values to the American society, and that these values must be defended. He pointed to the fact that the industry created the Association of Sites Advocating Child Protection (ASACP) that advocates against child pornography to keep kids safe.

In February, the Free Speech Coalition and adult-film industry scored a major victory when Cal/OSHA’s standard board decided not to impose additional regulations on film sets, such as requiring eyewear and dental dams and eyewear.