Calif.’s latest oil spill occurred in vicinity of a valve: Crimson says

Calif.’s latest oil spill occurred in vicinity of a valve: Crimson says

A representative of the crude pipeline operating firm Crimson Pipeline LLC that recently spilled thousands of gallons of crude in Southern California confirmed that the devastating leak occurred in the vicinity of a valve.

Spokesperson Kendall Klingler told reporters that the company’s crews were changing valves on the pipeline on Thursday this week when the leak occurred but it couldn’t be ascertained if the valve in question had been changed or not.

Klingler added that the crude that spilled was produced by another firm, named Aera Energy, which reported the leak to Crimson Pipeline at around 5:30 a.m. The company immediately shut down the line in Long Beach, California.

Ventura resident Kirk Atwater, who lives close to where crude oil spilled occurred, said he called 911 after the smell of goo flowing through his backyard woke up him and his wife.

The crude spill in Ventura County was initially projected to be around 210,000 gallons, but officials later revised the estimated size of the spill down to 29,400 gallons. Cleanup task is underway.

The latest spill occurred nearly thirteen months after a coastal pipeline situated roughly 55 miles west in Santa Barbara County leaked more than 120,000 gallons of crude, causing significant monetary as well as environmental damages.