Calif.’s voter registration hits record high ahead of June 7th primary

Calif.’s voter registration hits record high ahead of June 7th primary

The number of registered voters in California hit record high ahead of the state's presidential primary, fresh data released by Secretary of State Alex Padilla showed.

According to fresh data, the Golden State's voter rolls grew by more than 650,000 in the final six weeks of voter registration. Of the 646,220 people who got registered to in the final rush, from April 8 to May 23, more than three of every four (76 per cent) were Democrats.

The deadline to register to vote in the June 7th primary was May 23, 2016.

The state's total voter registration now stands at the record-high 17,915,053. It is the biggest number ever registered in the state ahead of a primary election. Nearly 98 per cent of all the growth in voter registration occurred in just the final 45 days of the registration season.

Commenting on the data, Padilla said, "Part of this surge was fueled through social media, as Facebook sent a reminder to all California users to register to vote. It is clear that Californians are engaged and excited about this election."

The influx of Democrats further widened the gap between California's dominant party and other subsets of voters, particularly Republicans. The GOP ranks grew slightly over the last few weeks of voter registration but that wasn't enough to match Democrats who have topped the 8 million mark. Republicans now trail Democrats in size by more than 17 percentage points.