California appears to have another roaming gray wolf

California appears to have another roaming gray wolf

California appears to have another roving gray wolf as a wolf-like animal walked past motion-activated trail cameras a number of times over the past few months in western Lassen County.

State wildlife officials announced recently that the wolf-like wild creature was captured by trail cameras most recently in May this year. However, officials are not sure that the animal in question is really a wolf. There is a chance that it could be a dog or a wolf-dog hybrid.

A fur sample taken from near where the animal was captured by the trail cameras was analyzed by wildlife experts at a University of Idaho lab to determine if the DNA belongs to a wolf. But the quality of the sample was not good enough to tell for sure. Officials said that they would keep on monitoring cameras and searching for evidence like scat and fur to determine the animal’s identity.

If the animal in question is really a wolf, it is not clear whether it has moved into that area or it is just passing through it.

Karen Kovacs, wildlife program manager for the Department of Fish & Wildlife, said, “When you look at the time between when we’re getting images, there’s some gaps there. Where is it going? How far is it going? Those are unknown.”

Wildlife officials’ announcement of a likely new wolf in the region comes amid indecision about what happened to the Shasta Pack, the Golden State’s first confirmed family of wolves in almost 100 years. It is unclear how many of the pack survived Siskiyou County’s harsh, snowy winter. Officials believe that the area was covered in snow, so the pack probably headed out in search of food and safer location.