California deputies fatally shoot family’s dog after responding to the wrong house

California deputies fatally shoot family’s dog after responding to the wrong house

An innocent pet dog was killed in California when deputies responded to a domestic disturbance call at a wrong house and opened fire at the animal, authorities confessed.

Hesperia police detectives were dispatched to a home on the caller’s left-hand side, but the officers mistakenly stumbled into the house on the caller’s right-hand side.

After entering the wrong house, two small dogs and an 11-year-old husky-lab mix, rushed toward the officers. The dogs were reportedly overly aggressive, forcing one of the officers to open fire at one of them.

The incident left an innocent pooch dead. Debra Blackmore, the dog’s owner, wrote on his Facebook page that her pet did not even get a chance to bark before the officer shot and killed the animal. She added that the dog, named Buddy, suffered for around ten minutes, bleeding to death.

Police admitted the officers’ blunder, but defended them saying the deputy fired the deadly shot in self-defense. A spokesperson for the Hesperia Police Department said, “The officers involved in this incident feel terrible about what occurred but felt they had no other reasonable option at the time.”

When the deputies realized their mistake, they apologized to Blackmore and headed over to the correct house, where they took Stephanie Roper into custody on active warrants for grand theft auto and narcotics violations.

Officials assured that the department has launched an internal investigation into the shooting incident as well as the mistake that led the officers to the wrong house.