California lawmakers consider plethora of gun control bills

California lawmakers consider plethora of gun control bills

California legislators are considering a plethora of gun control measures, including the ones that would enhance reporting procedures for lost or stolen guns, create a database of gun owners, place serial numbers on firearms, and put a ban on assault rifles.

The gun control bills, being considered by more than three committees in both houses, also includes proposals to provide funding for gun control research, classify gun parts as guns themselves, and a ban on purchasing more than one firearm per month.

Democrats on a California legislative panel voted Tuesday to advance nearly a dozen proposed gun control measures, including one that requires people to turn in or destroy magazines capable of holding more than 10 bullets.

The long list of under consideration bills includes, SB 869, SB 894, SB 1235, SB 1407, SB 880, AB 1664, AB 1673, AB 1695 and AB 2607.

State legislators started considering the gun control bills just days after the Orlando “Pulse” gay nightclub massacre, which left 49 people dead and many more wounded.

Senate President Pro Tem Kevin de Leon, a Democrat from Los Angeles, said, “There’s no time to be lackadaisical on this issue. Forty-nine people were massacred, were mowed down quite easily with high-powered weapons, so it gives us more of a sense of urgency.”

Both Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump and Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton have used the deadly shooting to call for stricter gun control laws to prevent any such tragedy in the future.