California’s presidential primary is finally over

California’s presidential primary is finally over

While votes from California’s recently-concluded presidential primary are still being counted, the results will most probably not change. Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton have cinched the Republican and Democratic nominations, respectively.

California elections officials reported a record number of voter registrations. As per official data, the pre-primary registrations have increased by 646,000. The figure took into account those voters who dropped from the rolls.

Providing Democratic presidential underdog Bernie Sanders with a ray of hope, state election officials also confirmed that most of the new registrants were Democrats and young ones.

It is an open secret that California is predominately a Democratic state. The Golden State is so reliably Democratic that Trump’s claim that he would be competitive in the state in November prompted open laughter.

However, a few experts have warned that one should not think that all those who registered to vote will actually vote in the November election. Voting specialist Paul Mitchell predicted one reason why registration mightn’t mean a big increase in the number of ballots cast.

Speaking on the topic, Mitchell said, “Voting isn't as exciting as that moment when you see something on TV, horrific or exciting, and get your laptop and register to vote.”

Experts also pointed out that Sanders attracted bigger crowds than frontrunner Clinton, but many in his audience were voters registered to other parties, voters registered in other states and tourists from other nations. Thus, all those who went to listen to him will not be able to vote for him.