California surfers seek court order for relief against ‘Bay Boys’

California surfers seek court order for relief against ‘Bay Boys’

A group of California surfers is seeking a court order providing them protection against the so-called Bay Boys, who have long been accused of violently keeping them away from the shimmering blue-green water of Lunada Bay.

The Bay Boys, a band of local residents, claim the epic waves at the Lunada Bay as their exclusive territory. They allegedly taunt surfers and even pelt dirt and rocks at them if they try to surf the waves.

The Coastal Protection Rangers last month filed a lawsuit seeking order to bar the Bay Boys from gathering at the bay. The group wants the court to pass the injunction in the manner in which injunctions have been issued against members of criminal street gangs.

Chris Taloa, a 42-year-old surfer who lived in nearby Redondo Beach, alleged, “The last time I surfed out there, these guys tried to really hurt me. A guy tried to ram a board into my ribs.”

Angelo Ferrara, who along with some of his family members, has been named in the lawsuit. Ferrara argued that neither he nor any other member of his family part of any gang. He stressed that the territorialism in the area is no worse than anywhere else in the nation.

Meanwhile, Vic Otten, one of the lawyers for those bringing the lawsuit, said the group represents a threat to the public. Only eight members have been named in the lawsuit so far, but he said he expected to add dozens more.