Clinton in danger of losing California to Sanders: poll shows

Clinton in danger of losing California to Sanders: poll shows

Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton may be in danger of losing California primary to her competitor Sen. Bernie Sanders, a new poll claims.

The new poll, conducted by Fox News just a few days back, indicates that Clinton is being supported by 48 per cent of likely Democratic primary voters, while her competitor Sanders is right behind her with 46 per cent.

That is the narrowest margin between Clinton and Sanders in the Golden State to date. California play a crucial role in the selection of a presidential nominee as it offers more delegates to the Democratic National Convention than any other state in the U.S.

However, Clinton continues to hold a significant delegate lead over Sanders, and a narrow loss in the Golden State will likely not change the situation much as Democratic primaries award all delegates on proportional basis.

Meanwhile, Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump continues to hold a significant lead over his remaining rivals in the party. As per the poll, Trump has the support of 49 per cent of the likely Republican primary voters, while Sen. Ted Cruz and Ohio Gov. John Kasich have 22 per cent and 20 per cent support, respectively,

California, the largest as well as the most populous state in the U.S., is the only remaining state that has yet to hold presidential primary. It alone accounts for nearly 14 per cent of delegates that a candidate requires to win his/her party’s nomination for the White House.