Clinton leads Sanders in New York, California: poll

Clinton leads Sanders in New York, California: poll

Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton continues to lead her contender Bernie Sanders in New York as well as in California, a new poll indicated.

According to the newly published poll results, Clinton leads Sanders 53 per cent to 43 per cent in New York, a state considered crucial to both campaigns.

More specifically, the poll suggests that Clinton continues to trail Sanders on measures like being seen as "authentic" and in “understanding people,” but enjoys notable leads over her rival on being specific about policies on effectiveness. Nearly 61 per cent said she is more specific than Sanders.

In California, Clinton leads Sanders 52 per cent to 40 per cent. The primary is scheduled to take place in June but the race is getting fiercer as this state accounts for nearly 14 per cent of delegates that a candidate needs to win the party’s nomination for the White House.

In New York as well as California, Clinton leads on dealing with improving race relations and healthcare, while Sanders leads on dealing with income inequality.

A big chunk of Sanders’ supporters, in both New York and California, believe that the Democrats’ nomination process is overall unfair. On the other hand, Clinton’s supporters argue that the process is fair. Sanders voters argue that the party’s super-delegates, who can change their pick, should have much say in the process.