Disruptive ‘millionaire’ passenger forced to depart California flight

Disruptive ‘millionaire’ passenger forced to depart California flight

The disruptive behavior of a passenger aboard a JetBlue flight forced the plane to return to the gate shortly before takeoff late last week and the unruly passenger was shown the exit, airline officials confirmed.

A video recorded by a fellow passenger aboard Long Beach-Sacramento JetBlue flight 266 shows the unruly passenger insulting his fellow travelers and proclaiming his wealth and collection of properties.

Confirming the incident, a JetBlue spokesperson said, “The flight returned to the gate shortly before departure following a report of disruptive customers in the cabin. The aircraft was met by local authorities where the customers were removed before the flight continued on to Sacramento.”

Long Beach Police said there were three passengers who were acting unruly aboard the plane. The video shows one of them telling a person across the aisle in a harsh tone that he was just 28, but he makes $4 million annually.

For the next many minutes, the alleged millionaire kept insulting others, calling them “Losers” and “Mr. Bald.” He boasted that he owned six houses.

The heated arguments came to halt after the three men were removed from the flight, and handed over to law enforcement agents. In the video, applause can be heard after the men were forced to leave the flight.