Estimated 8.9 million people voted in California primary

Estimated 8.9 million people voted in California primary

As many as 8.9 million people, representing roughly 49 per cent of California’s registered voters, have turned out for the Golden State’s presidential primary election earlier this week, preliminary estimates suggest.

State election officials said the stats should be considered preliminary as 2.4 million ballots out of the 8.6 million are yet to be certified. California Secretary of State Alex Padilla said final turnout percentage won’t be known for many days.

The AP reported that Donald Trump gained the Republican nomination for the White House around a month before the California primary; and Hillary Clinton secured the nomination last Monday, a day ahead of the Tuesday primary. However, Padilla said he couldn’t confirm the report’s impact on the turnout percentage.

Speaking on the topic, Padilla said, “It’s so hard to measure, it’s all anecdotal. It did, it didn’t; it motivated some people to turn out with extra vigor, versus it discouraged somebody else.”

The estimated 49 per cent turnout is significantly higher than the state’s 31.1 per cent turnout recorded in the 2012 presidential primary, when President Obama was running uncontested for the Democratic Party’s nomination and California Republicans selected Mitt Romney.

However, this year’s turnout is lower than the state’s historic 57.7 per cent turnout in 2008, when Democrats picked Clinton over Obama and Republicans chose John McCain.