I believe we’ll do very well in California: Ted Cruz

I believe we’ll do very well in California: Ted Cruz

Maintain his significant lead over rivals in the Republican presidential race, front-runner Donald Trump routed Ted Cruz and John Kasich in New York last week, winning 60 per cent of the votes and almost all of the state’s 95 delegates.

Despite the defeat, Cruz insisted that his campaign would do very well in California, the biggest as well as the most populous state in the U.S. California plays a crucial role in the election of the president as it alone awards 172 delegates, or nearly 14 per cent of the minimum number of delegates required for a candidate to win the party’s nomination for the White House.

Just a day after the defeat in New York, Cruz said, “The final state to vote will be the state of California—172 delegates—the big enchilada! I believe we’ll do very well in California. Our organization on the ground is incredible. You know, the strength of our campaign is the grassroots.”

As his candidate was being routed by Trump in the Empire State last Tuesday night, Kasich adviser John Weaver they were not serious in New York and allowed Trump to get more than 50 per cent in a number of districts where he could have been stopped. However, political experts are not ready to believe Weaver.

Trump has already amassed nearly 850 delegates, far more than rivals Cruz and Kasich combined. However, it would still be early to predict if the front-runner would reach the magic number of 1,237 on June 7 or not.