KTLA anchor asked to cover her upper body

KTLA anchor asked to cover her upper body

A female meteorologist at the Los Angeles news station KTLA was reportedly asked to put on a sweater during a live telecast because she was wearing a black dress with straps.

During a routine weather report on 14th of May, KTLA’s Liberté Chan was given a sweater from backstage by an off-screen anchor and was asked to cover her upper body.

Chan took the sweater, and asked why she was being asked to put on the sweater. A co-worker responded that they were getting “a lot of emails.” After putting on the gray sweater, she unhappily said that she might be looking like a librarian.

After the live program, Chan posted a video of her dancing in the sweater-fewer on social-networking site Tweeter, and write, “Even if it’s early in the AM, [you] can’t beat a black beaded dress.”

Chan also shared a video on the world’s most popular social-network Facebook that featured another KTLA anchor reading a sampling of emails and comments received by the station received in response to her outfit.

Following the live telecast, the Internet expressed rage better than better than Chan, with many expressing frustration regarding double standards and gender inequality. A number of people emphasized that any woman should have the liberty to wear whatever she likes to wear.