Sanders campaign pushes Clinton for debate in California

Sanders campaign pushes Clinton for debate in California

With California’s June 7th Democratic presidential primary less than a month away, the Bernie Sanders campaign is pushing the party’s frontrunner Hillary Clinton for a debate in delegate-rich state.

Sanders campaign manager Jeff Weaver released a statement Wednesday afternoon, stating that Sanders has accepted Fox News’ invitation to debate with the understanding that they could hit mutual agreement on the debate moderators, format and other details. He stressed that both campaigns agreed to hold a debate in May in the Golden State but Clinton has now balked at keeping that promise.

Weaver added that Sanders’ campaign expected the Secretary of State to fulfill her promise by agreeing to a time and pace for a debate in California.

Pushing the frontrunner for a debate, the Vermont Senator’s campaign said, “More than half way through the month of May, we hope Secretary Clinton will soon make good on her campaign’s commitment and agree to a time and pace for a debate.”

It is worth-mentioning here that the Vermont Senator and the Secretary of State have not met in any debate since April in New York.

Weaver underlined that residents of the nation’s largest state deserve to hear the Democratic presidential candidates’ opinions on issues of massive importance being faced by Californians and Americans as a whole.