Sanders will win the race to the White House: supporters believe

Sanders will win the race to the White House: supporters believe

In spite of Hillary Clinton's overwhelming lead in the delegate race, Bernie Sanders's supporters are not ready to lose hope. They still believe that the Vermont senator can win the race to the White House.

Mr. Sanders and his supporters are investing all resources in mounting a last stand in the progressive bastion of California, where primary election will take place on June 7, 2016.

After a rally in Modesto, 21-year-old biology student Giovan Lunar said Mr. Sanders would win because he gave them a hope and really cared about their future.

Misael Villeda, one of the many young people who will cast their votes for the first time in the upcoming presidential election, said, "He's an inspiration. Look at this crowd. He has a great message to youth about unemployment, student debt. He's energized the Democratic Party."

Less than a week before the California primary, more than 3,000 people braved scorching heat to hear the senator's promises of free health care, legal marijuana and higher taxes on the rich.

However, Democratic presidential frontrunner Ms. Clinton is also campaigning hard in the Golden State to snatch victory from Mr. Sanders, and the odds are in her favor. She has already amassed 2,313 delegates. The Vermont senator is considerably behind, at 1,546.