Schwarzenegger discusses risk with insurance students at CSU

Schwarzenegger discusses risk with insurance students at CSU

Arnold Schwarzenegger, former California governor who played the popular cyborg character in Terminator, discussed risk with a group of insurance students and professionals during his visit at California State University Fullerton on Monday.

Schwarzenegger talked about the risks he took when left his home country of Austria following a career as the world's greatest body builder to try his luck in Hollywood. He also talked about his foray into state politics.

The Hollywood star's talk at the university centered on risks was tailor-made for the "Insurance Industry Trends 2020 & Beyond" conference.

Schwarzenegger admitted that not all of his films turned out to be Blockbusters. The 1970's Hercules, for instance, failed to attract viewers.

Speaking about the embarrassing film, he said, "You can't be concerned about failure. It was a disaster. It went into the toilet."

Schwarzenegger was joined by the Insurance Information Institute's President Robert Hartwig, who appeared at the conference as the face of the property or casualty insurance industry.

Proceeds from the event went to support the center's insurance marketing entrepreneurship program endowment that provides funding for students interested in making a career in risk management insurance.