Solar Impulse 2 will Resume Its Journey Next Week

Solar Impulse 2 will Resume Its Journey Next Week

With hopes of circling around the world in a solar powered plane, Solar Impulse 2 started its journey almost one year back on March 2015. After a break of nine months for maintenance in Hawaii, the solar-powered aircraft is once again ready to continue its journey next week.

The aircraft set a record for non-stop solo flight, with pilot André Borschberg behind the wheels for five days and five nights in a row, as he crossed the Pacific Ocean travelling between Japan and Hawaii. However, the long flight overheated the battery cells and grounded the plane for a while.

The interruption proved to be beneficial for the aircraft and the team both. The plane got attention and the team got time to solve their disagreements that rose between the cockpit and the ground staff.

The Solar Impulse team wrote on their blog, "The past eight months have exemplified the team spirit, embracing setbacks and seeing them as opportunities. After replacing the batteries that overheated during the flight from Nagoya to Hawaii, the countdown has now started for the Solar Impulse team to finish what they started, and head back to their departure point: Abu Dhabi."