Ted Cruz campaigning in California, while rivals focusing on New York

Ted Cruz campaigning in California, while rivals focusing on New York

While Republican presidential aspirant Ted Cruz competitors’ are focusing on New York, the junior U.S. senator from Texas is busy holding campaign rallies in California.

On Monday, Mr. Cruz held rallies in San Diego as well as Irvine in the Golden State. His campaigns in California are surprising many analysts. California primary is around a couple of months away, thus it is somewhat strange that Mr. Cruz, who hopes to lead a conservative revolution, is devoting time to the West Coast.

The New York primary is scheduled for April 19th, with a total of 95 delegates at stake. A recent poll suggested that Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump will win nearly 54 per cent of support among GOP primary voters in New York, with John Kasich and Mr. Cruz following at 22 percent and 15 per cent, respectively.

Citing an internal Cruz memo projecting him winning 55 per cent of California votes, the NYT’s Matt Flegenheimer said, “If the state is rarely considered a bastion of Cruz-style conservative purity, campaign aides have been much more bullish on California than many of the other states remaining on the calendar, including New York.”

But, outside polls have granted Mr. Cruz such a generous victory in the Golden State. Moreover, Californian voters have a history of supporting and electing celebrity politicians, such as Ronald Reagan and Arnold Schwarzenegger.

California voters, who they voted for Schwarzenegger in 2003, say they will prefer Mr. Trump over Mr. Cruz. A recent poll by Field Research also indicated that Mr. Trump’s celebrity could be working in his favor in the ongoing race for the top political position.