Three California Republicans to launch “Stop-Trump” effort

Three California Republicans to launch “Stop-Trump” effort

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump is trying hard to amass enough delegates to win the nomination and avoid a chaotic open convention, but three veteran California Republican operatives have announced an effort to keep him from winning delegates in the state.

The effort is being led by campaign veteran Rob Stutzman. Two other Republicans, Richard Temple and Ray McNally, are supporting Stutzman in the effort.

The three California Republican operatives’s effort will localize the “stop-Trump” effort. They will propagate against Trump at local levels, district-by-district.

Announcing their effort to keep Trump from winning a mass of delegates in the Golden State, Stutzman said, “I think it’s possible Trump gets shut out in California.”

A newly released poll, conducted by renowned research firm Field Research, indicated that Trump leads his arch rival Ted Cruz in the California contest, which is scheduled for June 7. As per the poll, Trump leads Cruz 39 to 32 per cent in California, while John Kasich remains at a distant third spot.

Trump must win 59 per cent of overall remaining delegates to win the party’s nomination for president and avoid a chaotic open convention. California is critical because it alone accounts for 172 delegates or 14 per cent of the 1237 delegates required for a candidate to win the nomination.