Trump won’t visit Fresno this week: campaign director announces

Trump won’t visit Fresno this week: campaign director announces

Donald Trump will not be able to visit Fresno this week, as had previously been decided, officials for the Republican presidential frontrunner's election campaign announced late Monday afternoon.

Tim Clark, the director for Trump's California campaign, also confirmed that Trump will appear at the California Republican Party Convention, which is set to take place from Friday through Sunday in Burlingame.

The detour is probably well calculated. A detour to the central San Joaquin Valley is expected to make a good political sense. Trump is the Republican frontrunner, but he still needs to win the majority of delegates in California to clinch his party's nomination.

Political analysts have estimated that he needs to win at least 130 of California's 172 available delegates to reach the required mark.

Joel B. Pollak, a senior editor for politics website Breitbart News, predicted that Trump will have to win some areas that are currently leaning toward his competitor, Texas Sen. Ted Cruz.

Speaking on the topic, Pollak said, "That almost certainly means Trump has to win at least one or two districts in Cruz strongholds in the Central Valley of California, with large numbers of Latino and evangelical voters."

Previously, Trump visited Fresno in 2007 amid much uproar that he could revive a botched golf-course project called Running Horse. But, Trump's interest in the project waned after two months of talks with city leaders. Reports suggested that the talks collapsed due to differences over financing and land acquisition.