Wealthy community ignores California’s persistent drought

Wealthy community ignores California’s persistent drought

Ignoring California’s persistent drought emergency, a wealthy community in the San Francisco Bay Area has threatened to punish homeowners for any brown or dead lawns.

Residents of Blackhawk, which is just forty miles east of San Francisco, have been warned that the association will start imposing fines and filing lawsuits against those who would be found in violation of landscaping standards.

Association Community Manager Mark Goldberg said allowing the state’s dry condition to negatively impact the landscaping does a disfavor to property values in the area.

In a letter written to community members, Goldberg wrote, “We believe that allowing the drought to negatively impact the landscaping at any Blackhawk home does a disservice to property values … We believe there is no longer any reason that all landscaping in the community cannot flourish as it once did.”

The association declared that the aggressive enforcement of landscaping standards, including issuing fines for any violations, will be effective from June 1, 2016.

California has been in the grip of drought for the last many years, but the condition eased following strong rainfalls during the past winter. As per official records, it was the wettest winter in at least five years.