Wet Seal CEO making efforts to revitalize the brand

Wet Seal CEO making efforts to revitalize the brand

Struggling clothing store Wet Seal's new CEO Melanie Cox is making efforts to revitalize the brand. Kicking off her vision for Wet Seal's turnaround, she suggested two simple looks - a "schlumpy" tee and a simple midi-cap sleeve dress.

In January last year, the teen clothing chain closed its more than 300 stores and filed for bankruptcy protection. A few months later, the chain was acquired by Versa Capital Management. Versa management team member Cox made was appointed as the new chief of the struggling chain.

Cox, sometime ago, revealed a new look for the chain's 2016 revolution, and declared that the company would not like to cross the fine line between sexy and slutty.

Speaking on the topic, she said, "Up until that point there was a real struggle over the word sexy . It was being interpreted in this really bad '80s, slutty, cheesy way. I'm not kidding. I would sit in meetings and be like 'Guys, there's a fine line between sexy and slutty and we don't want to cross it.'"

Cox has plans to embrace the company's California roots, as the brand came into existence in Newport Beach in the year of 1962. Cox stress that California casual look is how modern teenage girls want to dress.

In addition to totally re-branding Wet Seal, Cox will focus on growing its plus-sized business too. Without revealing any financial information, Cox stressed that her plan aimed at making the business as profitable as possible this year.