What makes going into the jungle so special?

The Amazon jungle is globally renowned place to visit. With people wanting to come from all over the world to marvel at what makes this place so special.

The thick jungle canopies, the thousands of native species and plant life and the sheer remoteness and uniqueness of jungle life - makes the place a world of its own.

Many people though are unaware that a large part of the Amazon jungle exists it countries other than Brazil, with large parts in Peru, Ecuador and Bolivia all being part of the Amazon Basin.

In Peru, there are a number of jungle locations that have developed into key access area for the jungle such as Manu and Puerto Maldonado in the East and South of the country. They offer jungle tours, excursions and also have a number of jungle lodges that are easily visited.

The most remote jungle city in Peru is the city of Iquitos. This large city exists deep in the heart of the Peruvian jungle and is only accessible by boat or airplane. This creates a unique atmosphere in the city, adding to its allure.

The city grew at the height of the rubber boom in the early 19th century, but as soon as the rubber plant seeds were exported, Peru lost its monopoly on the product and the town fell into decline as a major rubber exporter.

However, visitors do not come here to explore the city; they visit to see the surrounding pristine Amazon Rainforest. With, a huge river port, getting out into the jungle is really easy and relatively cheap.

What makes the jungle so special?

Trailing down the Amazon River, chugging along is a twin engine wooden boat, with nothing but the sound of the engine chugging and the rich sounds of animal life, is a most fulfilling and overwhelming experience.

The jungle is a place where you are able to stop and reflect on the world around you, and find yourself. You can see such as huge variety of animals and plant life, and taste fruits that are exclusive to the region.

You can go on jungle walks and explore independently, you can walk in groups you can do as you wish.

One of the biggest draws though for people from other regions or nations, is the opportunity to be able to go and visit rural communities that still celebrate their rich cultural background and traditions.

These experiences provide a unique insight into what is a much different way of life.

The Amazon is one of the three parts of Peru that you have to visitFree Reprint Articles, along with the Coastal region and the Andean region.