Wildfire jumps Colorado River into California: fire officials warn

Wildfire jumps Colorado River into California: fire officials warn

After burning hundreds of acres in Arizona, a wildfire that started Wednesday morning has jumped the Colorado River and damaged a resort in California, Fire Department officials said.

The blaze was first reported at 5:30 a.m. Wednesday in Arizona. Despite firefighters’ hard efforts, it kept spreading and jumped the Colorado River into California. County fire Engineer Jeff Allen confirmed that it spread into the San Bernardino County Fire Department’s area in Needles.

Winds moving at speeds of up to 15 mph pushed the blaze north toward the Pirate’s Cove Resort and Park Moabi. The fast-spreading blaze triggered mandatory evacuations for several campers and numerous residents near Park Moabi. The Pirate Cove Bar also suffered some damage.

Fast-moving winds, low humidity and dense vegetation posed a tough challenge to firefighters at work. A bulldozer and two water-dropping helicopters were also brought to help stop the fire.

As of yesterday afternoon, the wildfire had burned more than five hundred acres, including 450 acres on the Arizona side, and was just 5 per cent contained.

The evacuations remain in effect as the firefighting effort is still in progress. The precise cause of the destructive fire is yet to be determined.