Bear puts schools on lockdown in Southern California

Bear puts schools on lockdown in Southern California

A wandering bear placed multiple schools in San Bernardino County, Southern California, on temporary lockdown Wednesday morning, authorities confirmed.

The bear, which was eventually tranquilized and removed by state wildlife officials, was first spotted at around 6:10 a.m. yesterday, when it was moving from a home’s backyard onto a school property.

Animal control officers and Fish & Wildlife agents were called to the San Gabriel Mountains foothill community of Rancho Cucamonga after someone spotted the bear in the backyard of the home. Wildlife agents corralled the wild beast into a tree and successfully knocked it down using three tranquilizer darts.

Resident Karen Moore, who first saw the bear outside her home, said, “We came running out here and just started screaming. Finally, the bear jumped over the gate and my dogs came inside.”

The sighting of wild beast forced authorities to put at least a couple of schools, viz. Vineyard Junior High School and Highland Christian School, on lockdown in the county. School district superintendent James Moore said that they were somewhat used to such incidents because of the area’s proximity to the hills.

Bear encounters with humans in the Golden State have increased in the past few years, partly because the state’s years-long drought pushed wild animals deeper into human territories in search of relief.