NASA’s space shuttle fuel tank’s final journey to cause road closures

NASA’s space shuttle fuel tank’s final journey to cause road closures

A giant NASA space shuttle fuel tank is all set to start its final journey to the California Science Center in Exposition Park this Saturday, authorities confirmed.

The 66,000-pound orange space shuttle fuel tank, dubbed ET-94, will travel through the streets of Los Angeles to reach its final destination. The 16.5-mile trek will start in Marina Del Rey and cause numerous street closures.

The 16.5-mile trek will very slow as it is expected to consume up 18 hours to navigate the three-storey-high shuttle tank as workers will have to move power lines and street lights to allow the huge tank to move.

Authorities warned in a newly released statement that those heading to the regional airport should leave earlier as ET-94’s journey could hinder traffic in the area.

The fuel tank, which was never used, started its journey to Los Angeles on 10t of April, 2016, when it was pulled out of the national space agency’s Louisiana-based Michoud Assembly Facility. A couple of days later, it was tugged into the Gulf of Mexico to start a voyage that took it via the Panama Canal.

ET-94 is NASA’s last remaining shuttle external tank. Unlike the space agency’s solid rocket boosters, the orange external fuel tanks were used merely once because they broke apart before they plunged into the ocean.